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Welcome to less-commonly-taught langauges at the university of pittsburgh!

Housed in the Department of Linguistics, the Less-Commonly-Taught Languages (LCTL) Center exists to broaden the range of options in foreign language instruction at the University of Pittsburgh. Here, coursework is offered in more than a dozen languages that are pertinent to many programs of study but not available in the University's other academic departments.

The center's teaching staff is comprised of approximately 25 experienced language instructors, most of whom are native users of the languages they teach. In any given semester, 500-700 students may be enrolled in our 50-60 course sections, with class sizes ranging from small independent study groups with two or three students to larger sections with up to 20 students.


We will be hosting our second semi-annual mini-Langauge lessons on August 30th! Check out the PittNews article to learn about our first event!

LING/LANG Office Hours

Class of 2021: Come meet the instructors of the LCTL center during our office hours during your PittSTART!

ASL Instructor Featured in PITTNEWS

Meet Kenny! He is an ASL instructor here in the Less-Commonly-Taught languages department.


Are you a fan of Potatoes? Join the LCTL center as we follow the path and history of the potato in our 100% potato themed event!

Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center

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