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Amharic is a language spoken by over 25 million people and native to Ethiopia. Studying Amharic will help you fulfil your language requirement while learning the Amharic language, the unique Amharic script, and all about Ethiopian culture. This course will be valuable for those interested in linguistics, international studies, African studies, and those who want to learn just for fun! Study Amharic at the University of Pittsburgh!

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Did You Know?

Ethiopia is the only country in the world that has 13 months in a year

Did You Know?

Ethiopians begin to measure time from when the sun rises, not at midnight

Did You Know?

Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with its own alphabet

Did You Know?

Abebe Bikila, a native of Ethiopia, was the first African to win gold at the Olympic Games

Did You Know?

The Great Rift Valley cuts through Ethiopia

Did You Know?

Ethiopians celebrate their New Year on September 11

Did You Know?

Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia

Did You Know?

Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that was never formally colonized

Did You Know?

Most Ethiopian children take their father's first name as their last name

Did You Know?

More than 70% of Africa's mountains are found in Ethiopia

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