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Arabic Certificate
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Courses Offered

  • Modern Standard Arabic 1: (Formerly LING 0141 Egyptian, LING 0151 Levantine)
  • Modern Standard Arabic 2: (Formerly LING 0142 Egyptian, LING 0152 Levantine)
  • Modern Standard Arabic 3: (Formerly LING 0143 Egyptian, LING 0153 Levantine)
  • Modern Standard Arabic 4: (Formerly LING 0144 Egyptian, LING 0154 Levantine)
  • Modern Standard Arabic 5: (Formerly LING 0145 Egyptian, LING 0155 Levantine)
  • Modern Standard Arabic 6: (Formerly LING 0146 Egyptian, LING 0156 Levantine)
  • Additional Dialect Courses:
    • Egyptian: (Formerly LING 0701, 0702, 0703)
    • Iraqi: (Formerly LING 0711, 0712, 0713)
    • Levantine: (Formerly LING 0721, 0722, 0723)
    • Moroccan: (Formerly LING 0731, 0732, 0733)
  • Intro to Arabic Linguistics: (Formerly LING 1520)
  • Arabic Life and Thought: (Formerly LING 1522)
  • Intro to Arabic Literature: (Formerly LING 1523)
  • Readings in Arabic: (Formerly LING 1524)
  • Special Topics in Arabic: (Formerly LING 1527)


Amani Attia
Arabic Coordinator
Ola Abd Elsalam
Rasha Al-Hashimi
Amro Elaswalli
Ibrahim Salim
Adbesalam Soudi

About Arabic

Ranked among the top six of the world's major languages, spoken by more than 280 million people worldwide, and the liturgical language of Islam, there is a high demand for  Arabic speakers in the USA.
The Arabic program at he Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center, Department of Linguistics, offers students courses that help them achieve proficiency in the written and spoken varieties of the language, as well as acquaint them with the linguistics, culture and literature of the Arab world. The program consists of three years of a combination of Modern Standard Arabic and the Egyptian or Levantine dialect.  Depending on demand,  we also offer the Moroccan and Iraqi dialects separately. Content courses, offered in both Arabic and English   include linguistics, literature, culture, translation and media. Students in the Arabic program could pursue an undergraduate certificate in Arabic language and linguistics that helps qualify them for employment in the fields of diplomacy, business, intelligence, or linguistics, in the USA or overseas.

Interested students also have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities offered by the Arabic club, and the Pitt panther dancers. These are fun ways of engaging students further in the to the language and the culture.


Scholarship Opportunities for Students of Arabic (undergraduate and graduate)


Interested in Study Abroad?



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