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The Arabic Certificate

The University of Pittsburgh Department of Linguistics offers an undergraduate certificate in Arabic Language and Linguistics. This certificate program should lead students to:
›  a high degree of proficiency in Arabic
›  an understanding of the linguistic structure of Arabic
›  an understanding of important issues in Arabic language and culture

The certificate program could conveniently accompany several undergraduate majors including, but not limited to, linguistics, communication science, and various undergraduate disciplines that serve as the basis for graduate-level degrees and certificates in the University of Pittsburgh School of Education. The program draws on the academic strengths and resources of the Department of Linguistics in the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Department of Instruction and Learning in the School of Education.

Students who are interested in the Arabic Language and Linguistics Certificate can apply for entrance into that certificate program early each spring semester, before registration for the following fall semester begins. Students are encouraged to apply while taking Arabic 2.

Contact the Arabic Coordinator, Amani Attia, for specific deadlines.

Currently, there is a limit of 20 students per academic year who can enroll in the Arabic Certificate Program. For this reason, each applicant will be required to go through an evaluation process. Applications are accepted early during the spring semester of each academic year and students will be notified of their acceptance/non-acceptance into the program before registering for fall classes. Please contact Amani Attia, Arabic Coordinator, for application packets or more information (CL 2809, 412-648-1194,

Forms (in pdf)





Certificate Requirements




LING 0141 - MSA Egyptian 1 or

  LING 0151 - MSA Levantine 1
  (Grade of B or higher)
›  LING 0142 - MSA Egyptian 2 or
  LING 0152 - MSA Levantine 2
  (Grade of B or higher)
›  Application to the Arabic Certificate Program

Certificate courses (22 - 23 credits)

Category 1: Further Language Instruction (11 credits)
LING 0143 - MSA Egyptian 3 or

LING 0153 - MSA Levantine 3

  (4 credits; offered every fall)

LING 0144 - MSA Egyptian 4 or

  LING 0154 - MSA Levantine 4
  (4 credits; offered every spring)
›  LING 1524 (spring), or LING 1527 (fall)- Readings in Arabic (3 credits)

Category 2: Linguistics (6 credits)
LING 1000 - Introduction to Linguistics
  (3 credits; offered every semester + summer. This class is a pre-requisite for LING 1520)
LING 1520 - Introduction to Arabic Linguistics


(3 credits; offered every fall. LING 1000 is a pre-requisite for this course)

Category 3: Culture of the Arabic-Speaking World
(choose 1 course: 3 credits)
›  LING 1522 - Arabic Life & Thought or
  (3 credits; offered every spring)
›  LING 1523 - Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
  (3 credits; offered every fall)

Category 4: Electives (choose 1 course: 2-3 credits)
›  LING 0145 - MSA Egyptian 5 or
  LING 0155 - MSA Levantine 5
  (3 credits; offered fall semester)
›  LING 0146 - MSA Egyptian 6 or
  LING 0156 - MSA Levantine 6
  (3 credits; offered spring semester)
›  LING 1522 - Arabic Life & Thought
›  LING 1523 - Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
›  LING 1527 - Special Topics in Arabic
ECON 0640 - Economic Development of he Middle East & Northern African Region
HIST 0756/RELGST 0455 - Intro to Islamic Civilization
PS 1351 - Government & Politics of the Middle East
SOC 1366 - Sociology of Islam
›  Other courses with approval of the Arabic Coordinator


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