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American Sign Language (ASL) is growing in use every day. Hundereds of colleges and universities accept ASL in fulfillment of a language entrance and exit requirement. Schools for the Deaf may have many deaf and hard of hearing students, dramatically increasing the need for sign language teachers. Many school systems are now mainstreaming their deaf and hard of hearing students, increasing the need for sign language interpreters. Television stations are using sign language in programs and advertising, and employers are looking for applicants who can sign. Mothers are often teaching their babies to sign in order to communicate many months earlier than with spoken language alone.

Courses Offered

  • ASL 1: ASL 0101
  • ASL 2: ASL 0102
  • ASL 3: ASL 0103
  • ASL 4: ASL 0104
  • ASL 5: ASL 0105
  • Deaf Culture: ASL 1615
  • Intro to Interpreting: ASL 1800


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Why Study ASL?

The ASL Certificate

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  • Debra Hast, ASL Coordinator
  • Erin (Airza) Bosley
  • Kenny DeHaan
  • Alan Majocha
  • Lori Milcic
  • Wendy Payne
  • Maryjean (Mj) Shahen

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Intro to ASL Days/Times Fall 2017

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ASL Outside the Classroom

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Study Comparative ASL in London

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Did You Know?

There are approximately 6,000 signed languages used throughout the world

Did You Know?

American Sign language is the third most commonly used language in the United States

Did You Know?

American Sign language is derived from French Sign Language

Did You Know?

ASL has it's own grammar--it is not just a signed version of English!

Did You Know?

Just like spoken languages, signers of different regions have different accents

Did You Know?

90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents

Did You Know?

Love Baseball? Signs from the third base coach originated with 'Dummy' Hoy, a deaf baseball player

Did You Know?

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone by accident. He was trying to make hearing aids for his deaf wife and mother

Did You Know?

Fan of CSI? The character Gil Grissom was a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults)

Did You Know?

Heather Whitestone was the first deaf Miss America

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