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American Sign Language 1 ASL 0101 (grade of B or higher)
American Sign Language 2 ASL 0102 (grade of B or higher)

Please Note: In addition to these courses students must have a minimum 2.8 GPA and have a successful performance on skills and evaluations for consideration into the certificate program.

Certificate Courses:

Category 1: Further Langauge Instruction

American Sign Language 3 ASL 0103 (3 credits, offered every fall)
American Sign Language 4 ASL 0104 (3 credits, offered every fall)

Category 2: Deaf Culture

Deaf Culture ASL 1615 (3 credits, offered every semester)

Please Note: This is NOT the same as ASL 1625: Deaf in Society! ASL 1625 will not satisfy this requirement unless specifically pre-approved by the ASL Coordinator.

Category 3: Linguistics (one of the following)

Introduction to Linguistics LING 1000 (3 credits, offered every semester)
Nature of Language CSD 1020 (3 credits, offered every spring)

Category 4: Structure (one of the following)

Structure of Sign Languages ASL 1705 (3 credits, offered fall or spring)
Structure of ASL & English ASL 1715 (3 credits, offered fall or spring)

Please Note: LING 1000 / CSD 1020 is a prerequisite for the courses in Category 4 & LING 1721 in Category 5.

Category 5: Electives (one of the following)

Sociolinguistics of Sign Langagues ASL 1705 (3 credits, offered alternate fall semesters)
Special Topics in Sign Langauge Studies ASL 1715 (3 credits, offered alternate fall semesters)
Analysis of ASL Literature ASL 1635 (3 credits, offered in the spring)
Introduction to Interpreting ASL 1800 (3 credits, offered in the fall)


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