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Hindi is the national language of India, and the state of language of six of its provinces. Hindi, along with Enlgish, is the official langauge of India. It is written in the Devangri Script and belongs to the Indo-European language family. Hindi is a direct descendent of Sanskrit, which is a sister language of Greek and Latin.

Courses Offered

  • Hindi 1: HINDI 0101
  • Hindi 2: HINDI 0102
  • Hindi 3: HINDI 0103
  • Hindi 4: HINDI 0104
  • Hindi 5: HINDI 0105
  • Hindi 6: HINDI 0106


Why Study Hindi?

  • communicate and interact with those who speak a different langauge
  • many American jobs are being outsourced to India
  • enhance your travel to india

Use Hindi to Earn Pitt Credentials

  • General Education Requirements
  • Global Studies Certificate
  • Asian Studies Certificate
  • BPHIL in International and Area Studies, Global Studies Track



Sugandha Verma;

Hindi Outside the Classroom

Coming Soon!

Useful Links

Study Hindi in India

Are you interested in Study Abroad? Check out the LCTL Study Abroad page to learn how to study Hindi in India!

Did You Know?

Hindi is spoken in Fiji

Did You Know?

Hindi got it's name from the Persian word 'hind' meaning 'land of the Indus river'

Did You Know?

Hindi is spoken by almost 500 million people world wide

Did You Know?

Hindi is phonetic--it is pronouced exactly how it is spelled!

Did You Know?

India is home to the worlds largest school. It has over 25,000 students!

Did You Know?

Buttons were invented in India

Did You Know?

India is the largest movie producer in the world!

Did You Know?

India has a spa for elephants!

Did You Know?

Shampoo was developed in India!

Did You Know?

India is the most vegitarian country in the world!

Did You Know?

Freddie Mercury is of Indian decent

Did You Know?

Love the board game Chutes and Ladders? It originated in India!

Did You Know?

Chess was invented in India

Did You Know?

India is home to the Himalayas

What Do Students Say?



I learned more than I could have ever expected in my first semester of Hindi.

-Insiyah, '15



 I originally imagined that Hindi class would just be a lecture-style class, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t

-Nikita, '15



Knowledge of Asian dialects is of great value in the international market, so learning Hindi will definitely help me stand out in the job market.

- Bhakti, '15