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Courses Offered

  • Hindi 1: HINDI 0101 (Formerly LING 0281)
  • Hindi 2: HINDI 0102 (Formerly LING 0282)
  • Hindi 3: HINDI 0103 (Formerly LING 0283)
  • Hindi 4: HINDI 0104 (Formerly LING 0284)
  • Hindi 5: (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number)
  • Hindi 6: (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number)


Sugandha Verma

About Hindi

Hindi is the national language of India, and the state language of six of its provinces. Hindi, along with English, is the official language of India. It is written in the Devangri Script and belongs to the Indo-European language family. Hindi is a direct descendent of Sanskrit, which is a sister language of Greek and Latin.

English has borrowed many words from Hindi, including guru, pundit, juggernot, bungalow, pajamas, and bazaar. In turn, Hindi has borrowed a number of words from English, which is apparent if you watch any Hindi movie. Knowledge of Hindi opens doors to myriad religions, culture, and landscapes.


Scholarship Opportunities for Students of Hindi (undergraduate and graduate)


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