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  • Irish 1: IRISH 0101 (Formerly LING 0221)
  • Irish 2: IRISH 0102 (Formerly LING 0222)
  • Irish 3: IRISH 0103 (Formerly LING 0223)
  • Irish 4: IRISH 0104 (Formerly LING 0224)
  • Irish 5: IRISH 1901 (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number)
  • Irish 6: IRISH 1901 (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number)
  • Special Topics in Irish: Contemporary Irish Culture & Tradidions of Ireland, IRISH 1901 (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number) (Formerly LING 1901)


Hailing from Dublin’s fair city Marie Young has been teaching at the University of Pittsburgh since 2006.  She currently instructs six levels of Irish along with offering a Spring cultural class. She is also Director of Irish Language at the Ireland Institute of Pittsburgh where she co-developed an online Irish learning program. In 2009, Marie has received two awards from Glór Na Gael for her contribution to the language here in the USA.  In 2016 she chaperoned the maiden voyage of a Spring Break Irish Immersion week to Ireland through the University of Pittsburgh.
She credits her grandfather with fostering her love of Gaeilge -“Ní as an ghaoth a tháinig sé”! (It is not from the wind it came)
Outside of the classroom Marie is involved in the PGAA (Pittsburgh Gaelic Athletic Association) and involves herself very much in the Irish community here in Pittsburgh.



Marie Young












Study Irish at the University of Pittsburgh and take advantage of our introductory, intermediate, and advanced-level Irish courses taught by native Dubliner, Marie Young. Enroll in our Culture and Traditions of Ireland course (taught in English) and heighten your understanding of modern Irish society and the culture of the Emerald Isle.
Participate in our Culture and Language Immersion in Ireland trip over Spring Break, and absorb Gaeilge and Irish Culture with native speakers in Ireland. Sign up for a Global Studies or West European Certificate, and use Irish to fulfill your language requirement. Apply for a Fulbright Scholarship, or Nationality Room Scholarship, and fund your summer language study at one of several locations in Ireland. Our Irish Language classes are aligned with the Common European Framework, and you can apply to have your proficiency level evaluated through the TEASTAS EORPACH NA GAEILGE (Irish language proficiency testing for adult learners of Irish). Study Irish at Pitt! We look forward to seeing you in our classes!

Níl tír gan teanga.
There is no country without a language.












  • Make that connection to your ancestors and heritage.
  • Enhance communicative skills within a warm inviting classroom environment.
  • Become a global language learner.
  • Extend your travels to Ireland and see where the language is spoken and embraced daily.
  • Gain an appreciation for the culture of another country and its traditions.



  • The Irish Language is a VSO language – VERB SUBJECT OBJECT language.
  • Gaeilge is the name of the language in Irish, and Irish is the name of the language in English. People overseas may also say Irish Gaelic to distinguish it from Gaelic, which means Scottish Gaelic, a related but different language.
  • There are no words for "yes" or "no" in Irish, but that doesn't mean there's no way to answer a question. You communicate "yes" and "no" with a verb form.
  • It only has 11 irregular verbs NICE!!!
  • The words for numbers depend on whether you're counting humans or non-humans- there are three ways to say the number 2...of course there is!!!
  • Pubs are typically ONLY closed in the Republic of Ireland on Good Friday and Christmas Day.
  • Saint Patrick’s Day is March 17th, and is the National Holiday in Ireland.
  • Our national sport of GAA football is an amateur sport and supported by over 1,000,000 people word wide. North America consists of approximately 185 clubs.
  • Hurling (one of our national sports) is the fastest amateur game on grass in the world.
  • Famous Irish people……Bram Stroker, Saoirse Ronan, Bono, Liam Neeson, Maureen O Hara, Colin Farrell, and Aiden Quinn.
  • Irish man James Hoban designed The White House and The New Year’s Eve ball in Times’s Square every year is made by Waterford Crystal.
  • Traditional Irish food is bacon and cabbage NOT corned beef!!
  • We say chips, you say fries…. We say biscuits, you say cookies ….. We say jam, you say jelly… We say lift, you say Elevator….. We say great craic, you say AWESOME…. WE DON”T SAY “TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA!!!”
  • 90% of schools in Ireland are controlled by the Catholic Church
  • The country of Ireland is ¾ the size of PA.
  • College tuition is free in Ireland except minor admin costs.

Scholarship Opportunities for Students of Irish (undergraduate and graduate)



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