Bolivia Landscape, David Adam Kess

Study Quechua at the University of Pittsburgh! Get to know a whole new world of South American indigenous cultures while taking a virtual trip to the Andes. Learn about new ways to view the world, explore the mountains, see llamas, and more. If this sounds fun, consider our introductory and intermediate level Quechua courses taught by Alana DeLoge, a linguist who has worked in Bolivia since 2002. To complement our on-campus Quechua classes and community, participate in Pitt in Bolivia, a six-week summer study abroad program in which various courses of study are available in addition to Quechua language classes, including sociolinguistics, public health, and sociology. Study Quechua at Pitt! We look forward to seeing you in our classes!

Courses Offered:

Six levels of Quechua as well as a culture course are offered at the University of Pittsburgh. For more information, please click here.

Why Study Quechua?

  • Learn an endangered language
  • Prepare for travel to Bolivia
  • Surviving literature from the Incans is written in Quechua

Use Quechua to Earn Pitt Credentials 

What do students say?

"I did not know that it would have such a profound impact on my academic career, but I am thankful that Quechua courses are offered at Pitt." -Travis '13
"Seven years out from my graduation, I am more grateful than ever that I invested the time and energy - and more importantly, that Pitt understands the value of less-commonly-taught languages and itself allocates resources to their preservation and elevation." -Anne Marie, '10
"I studied abroad in a Quechua-speaking part of the world, and I now plan to do research and hopefully work in a field that engages with indigenous political oppression and activism in Latin America." -Kristen, '19