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About 75 million people speak Turkish as their first language, most prominently in Turkey and Eastern Europe. It is the official language of Turkey and Cyprus, and has official status in Kosova and Macedonia. There are also large communities of Turkish speakers in the Balkans, The Caucasus, and in Western Europe where Turkish immigrants have been guest workers for so many years. Turkish has 29 letters written in a modified version of the Latin alphabet. Study Turkish at the University of Pittsburgh!

Courses Offered:

Eight levels of Turkish and a Turkish culture course are offered at the University of Pittsburgh. For more information, please click here.

Why Study Turkish?

  • Turkish belongs to the Altaic branch of the Ural-Altaic language family and shares a mutual intelligibility with most of the other Turkic languages.
  • The government considers Turkish a critical language and numerous jobs, scholarships, and fellowships are are available to students.

Use Turkish to Earn Pitt Credentials:

Turkish Outside the Classroom:

  • Turkish American Student Association PITT

What do Students Say?

"My Turkish studies were integral to my successes at Pitt and my personal growth, and continue to serve me well in my chosen profession to this day."  -Sarah '13
I was awarded the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, which covers a years tuition, and is given to students taking languages like Turkish." -Stephen, '14
"I met students from other universities that offer Turkish, and according to them, no other school is in the same caliber as the program at Pitt"  -Andrew, '16