LCTL Student Spotlight

This page features LCTL Students, past and present, who share their personal stories about how they decided to study their language and the many opportunities language study has given them.

Meet Dirk!

Dirk is a senior graduating with a degree in Ecology and Evolution, a minor in Swahili, and a Certificate in African Studies. Check out his spotlight to see more about how his NROTC involvement led him to learn Swahili and study abroad in Tanzania!

Meet Laura!

Laura is a senior graduating with a degree in Religious Studies and a minor in Irish. Check out her spotlight to see how she plans to use her Irish skills post-graduation!

Meet Yuto!

Yuto Iwaizumi is a senior, double majoring in French and Linguistics, who is also pursuing a Swedish minor, African Studies Certificate, and West Eurpean Studies certificate. Learn how Yuto plans to use his language skills, espescially those aquired through his Swedish courses, in his future as a language instructor!

Meet Karenna!

Karenna is a sophomore English Writing Major. In her spotlight, Karenna tells us how studying Turkish is helping her prepare for a future in International Affairs!

Meet Nektarios!

Nektarios Kasamias is a current Pitt sophomore who is majoring in Urban Studies. Check out his student spotlight to see how studying Modern Greek has influenced his life!