LCTL Minors consist of four language courses and one related elective, for a total of 17 credits. LCTL Minors will be available in the following languages:

Bollywood by Skip


Declaring a Hindi Minor will allow students to engage in 4 semesters of language instruction and select electives ranging from Bollywood and Indian Cinema to Religion in India!

by Irish Defense Forces


Students choosing the Irish minor will engage in four semesters of language instruction and will also be able to select electives ranging from Special Topics in Irish to Irish Film!

Peulle Parthenon

Modern Greek

Students pursuing the Modern Greek minor will gain four semesters in language instruction and will have the opportunity to choose a variety of electives, ranging from Athletics of the Ancient World to Greek Art!

By Mostafameraji


A minor in Persian will not only give students a strong foundation in the language but will also allow them to learn more about Iranian Cinema and the Architecture of the Islamic World!

By Alexandre Buisse


Students interested in the Quechua minor will not only learn the indigenous language but will also be able to explore topics of Modern Latin America and South American Archeology.

By: Rasheed hamis


The Swahili minor will focus on four semesters of language study but will also encourage electives such as Swahili Coastal Culture: Gateway to Africa and Social and Health Issues in East Africa!

By: Tage Olsin


Swedish culture is very important in Swedish language study. Therefore, the Swedish minor offers four semesters of language instruction but also electives such as Sweden: From Vikings to Now!

By: Moonik


The Ottoman Empire and Introduction to Islamic Civilization are only two of many electives that can be selected to supplement the Turkish minor!

By: Milei.vencel


The Vietnamese minor will focus on four semesters of formal language instruction but will also encourage students to learn about the History of Modern Southeast Asia and the Government and Politics in Southeast Asia!