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Quechua / Bolivian Quechua

Courses Offered

  • Quechua 1: QUECH 0101 (Formerly LING 0441)
  • Quechua 2: QUECH 0102 (Formerly LING 0442)
  • Quechua 3: QUECH 0103 (Formerly LING 0443)
  • Quechua 4: QUECH 0104 (Formerly LING 0444)
  • Quechua 5: QUECH 1901 (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number)
  • Quechua 6: QUECH 1901 (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number)


Alana Deloge

About Quechua

Study Quechua at the University of Pittsburgh! Get to know a whole new world of South American indigenous cultures while taking a virtual trip to the Andes. Learn about new ways to view the world, explore the mountains, see llamas, and more. If this sounds fun, consider our introductory and intermediate level Quechua courses taught by Alana DeLoge, a linguist who has worked in Bolivia since 2002. To complement our on-campus Quechua classes and community, participate in Pitt in Bolivia, a six-week summer study abroad program in which various courses of study are available in addition to Quechua language classes, including sociolinguistics, public health, and sociology. The Quechua classes fulfill requirements for the Certificate in Latin America Studies and satisfy the general language requirement. Apply for a Fulbright Scholarship or Nationality Room Scholarship and fund your summer language study at one of many summer language programs in South America. Study Quechua at Pitt! We look forward to seeing you in our classes!
Runasimita rimasunchis!

Let’s speak the language of the people!


Scholarship Opportunities for Students of Quechua (undergraduate and graduate)


Interested in Study Abroad?

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