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Courses Offered

  • Vietnamese 1: VIET 0101 (Formerly LING 0581)
  • Vietnamese 2: VIET 0102 (Formerly LING 0582)
  • Vietnamese 3: VIET 0103 (Formerly LING 0583)
  • Vietnamese 4: VIET 0104 (Formerly LING 0584)
  • Vietnamese 5: (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number)
  • Vietnamese 6: LING 1901 (Independent Study - please contact instructor for permission number)


Hanh Nguyen

About Vietnamese

Vietnamese  is the national language of Vietnam, and the mother tongue of the Vietnamese people. It is the most spoken language in the Austro-Asiatic language family, and is written using a modified version of the Latin alphabet with six tones.

Vietnamese speakers have emigrated all around the world, and nearly half of all overseas Vietnamese have settled in the United States. Vietnamese Americans are the fourth-largest Asian American ethnic group in the country. Over five million tourists have visited Vietnam in the past year.  Join us today in connecting with Vietnamese people and culture.


Scholarship Opportunities for Students of Vietnamese (undergraduate and graduate)


Interested in Study Abroad?

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